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Who Should Ride a Cycle Sportive Style Road Bicycle?

Who should be riding a cycle sportive style road bicycle? “Almost everyone,” isn’t a very satisfying answer, so I’ll try to dig into the question a bit for you. There are a wide variety of categories we can put riders … Continue reading

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Seven Characteristics of a Well-Designed Cycle Sportive Bicycle

Before we start delving into historical and contemporary examples and minutae such as specific component spec, it is worth making an initial attempt to quantify the defining characteristics of a well designed cycle sportive bicycle. Off the top of my … Continue reading

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The Right Tool for the Job: Are We Riding the Most Appropriate Road Bicycles?

I spent this weekend doing tech support for the Seattle-To-Portland double century at the halfway point in Centralia. For those of you not familiar with STP, it is one of the largest organized bike rides in the United States with … Continue reading

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