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Preparing for STP

Some of you may have heard that my son Shawn and I have committed to riding Seattle to Portland this year on our tandem. We started upping our mileage the first Sunday in February. A natural question might be why? … Continue reading

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The Same Mistakes All Over Again

One of the most painful things about getting older is watching a new crop of riders making the same mistakes that you watched one or more previous generations stumble through. Case in point, recently I was out on an evening … Continue reading

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An Interview with Shawn Stevenson

Recently we sat down with frame builder Shawn Stevenson.  He’s one of the primary writers for Cycle Sportive, so we were interested in seeing what makes him tick.   CS- If we read your sales material we know your father … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Rene Herse by Jan Heine and Rebour by Frank Berto and Rob Van Der Plas

If I had thought about it at all, which I hadn’t, I’m sure that I would have concluded that my book reporting days were over. Since it had been over forty years since I wrote the last one, you could … Continue reading

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What is Cycle Sportive All About?

Many of the people in my life are enthusiast cyclists. Some of them may race, or have raced, but they don’t think of themselves as racers. Some of them ride brevets, permanents, and fleches from time to time, but they … Continue reading

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