Bicycling Sites We Like

Below you’ll find links to sites we like related to bicycling in general, cycle sportive bicycling, road bike frame and part manufacturers, custom bicycle frame builders, and bike shops that we feel embody the spirit of cycle sportive cycling.

Other Blogs

Lovely Bicycle

Lovely Bicycle is a blog that follows the author’s progression from a woman coming back to cycling after a long hiatus and looking to build a stylish mixte bike to a devoted enthusiast road cyclist.  It’s well-written with a fresh perspective that we find valuable as jaded long time riders.

Off the Beaten Path 

Off the Beaten Path is Jan Heine’s blog.  Jan is the publisher of Bicycle Quarterly and a prolific writer on a variety of cycling topics.  He is also a very successful randonneur and a scholar of golden age French frame building, which gives him a unique and valuable perspective.  Beyond that he is an iconoclast, who we believe has very effectively challenged some of cycling’s enduring misconceptions.


Classic Lightweights UK

The period from just before the Second World War through the seventies was in many ways the golden age for what we refer to as sportive style bicycles and the UK was a nexus.  Classic Lightweights UK takes British builders of the period and their product as its focus.  It’s a great resource.

Classic Rendezvous

This is the best general resource website on custom and limited production bicycles that I am aware of.  It covers many builders worldwide from the early days of cycling right up to those that are keeping the flame alive today.

Cycling News

This is Shawn’s favorite site for current racing news and features.  They occasionally run some good pieces on classic racing.  Not really a cycle sportive oriented site, but a good resource if you are into road racing or road racing history.

Stevenson Custom Bicycles

Everyone needs a day job.  Ours is building frames.  Take a look to see what we are up to when we aren’t blogging here.


Chuck Schmidt is the go-to-guy for classic catalog reprints, retro bike graphic t-shirts, and similar items.  His website is also a great source for links to all kinds of classic bicycle pages.


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