Tom Miller’s Kevin Sayles Built Woodrup

Reader Tom Miller is the first respondent to our ‘Send Us Your Pictures’ call out.

He’s sent us a nice photo of his Kevin Sayles built Woodrup frame.

Tom Miller's Woodrup is a fine example of the cycle sportive bicycle.  (Photo Courtesy of Tom Miller)

Tom Miller’s Woodrup is a fine example of the cycle sportive bicycle. (Photo Courtesy of Tom Miller)

Tom describes the bike as, “British built frame, French geometry, mixed vintage and new parts.”

It’s a beautiful bike that definitely shows all the identifiers I set out in my recent entry on how we might define the cycle sportive bicycle.

I’d also like to talk a little bit about the use of old and new technology.  This is something I really embrace.  In a recent article on our frame building site I called this nuovo retro.  In part it’s an aesthetic, but there’s more to it than that.  Some old technology is simply superior.  If you want the best combination of performance and comfort, steel frames make sense.  For long rides I’m definitely going to stick with my leather saddles until somebody shows me something more comfortable.  On the other hand, nuovo retro is about not being a ‘retro grouch.’  I’m not opposed to carbon fiber for some applications, I like integrated brake/shifting, and I always try to be open to the possibilities of new stuff coming down the pike.

Another think I noticed about Tom’s bike is the interesting parallels to Alan Woods’s club bike.  Alan was certainly inspired by British built steel to some extent.  I definitely feel like both bikes fit into a British cycle sportive bike tradition that I hope to explore more on this blog in the future.

Thanks to Tom for sharing his beautiful bicycle.  We’d love to see more pictures from the rest of you!


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Shawn Stevenson is a bicycle frame builder from Olympia, WA. He and his father blog about cycle sportive riding, bicycles, and lifestyle.
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3 Responses to Tom Miller’s Kevin Sayles Built Woodrup

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  2. Tom Miller says:

    Thanks for posting this and your positive comments. Lots of telephone and email discussions with Kevin about materials and geometry, and my recent interest in the French constructeur bikes, resulted in the most comfortable long distance rider I’ve ever ridden. The key difference from my other “fast tourers” probably the low trail front end, allowing me to use a bar bag rather than a saddle bag if a need luggage. Also the light and supple 32 c Grand Bois tyres were a revelation. More photos:

    • I’m also a big advocate of low trail geometry for this sort of bike. My thought is that it’s best to start with a handlebar bag and go to the seat bag or some other alternative when you max that out.

      The Grand Bois tires are also brilliant. I’ve had very good luck with them. We even ran a set on our tandem.

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